Stainless-steel enclosures

A utility stainless steel is being used to house important voice communications systems for the Irish rail industry. Cromweld Steels, the UK based sales, distribution, technical support, service and market development company for the increasingly popular 3CR12 stainless-steel brand, says its material is being used in the manufacture of lineside cabinets designed to safeguard trackside electrical systems, vital to rail transport safety.
Significantly, for rail operators and users, the use of 3CR12, which already has a proven track record in a wide range of industries, improves the durability and longevity of the cabinets, which in turn minimise the harmful effects of condensation and heat by providing a weather-sealed enclosure. Many metal exterior cabinets can experience problems due to environmental changes in temperature and humidity, forming terminal destroying condensation inside.
This effect is often countered by deploying heaters, chillers and/or forced ventilation.
Although this is sometimes cost-effective on major distribution cabinets, it is not the case on smaller units. The lineside box currently being used in Ireland, is a compact enclosure designed to minimise the harmful effects of condensation and heat without the additional cost of providing such ‘controlled atmosphere’ environments. This is achieved by providing a weather-sealed enclosure inside a strong well-ventilated external enclosure, making it particularly suitable for exposed locations including lineside distribution. 3CR12 is widely specified by UK external enclosure manufacturers, including mailboxes and CCTV housings where security and strength are vital. The material easy to fabricate – to cut, bend, form, weld and paint and, because of its strength, there is an option to use a thinner gauge material.

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