SANAA designs for a Maritime Museum in Shenzhen

Japanese architecture studio, SANAA has revealed its design for a museum in Shenzhen, which will be enclosed by a collection of hemispherical forms blanketed by a mesh louvred roof.

Dubbed Clouds on the Sea by SANAA, the 100,000-square-metre Shenzhen Maritime Museum will have a long horizontal, cloud-like structure that was designed to appear as if it was rolling off the South China Sea.

SANAA designed the building to become a landmark on Longqi Bay. It will take shape as a collection of low-lying lattice domes covered in a stainless-steel louvred mesh.

The Maritime Museum will be organized into three exhibition areas positioned around a large lobby and several courtyards.

Its ground floor will be arranged as a continuous open-plan space without columns that will allow visitors to freely roam.

The building will connect with surrounding green spaces and a nearby wetland park to expand the museum’s activity area toward the natural landscape.

SANAA’s design was selected as the winning proposal to an international competition arranged as part of the Shenzhen New Ten.