Piedmont secures three orders for FRP and couplings

H2O Innovation Inc. (H2O Innovation) announced that its business line Piedmont secured three large orders for fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) cartridge filter housings and duplex stainless couplings, totaling USD 3.3M. 
The contracted scope is for three new large-scale seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants. Two of these desalination plants are in the Middle East and will each have a capacity of 159 MGD (600,000 m3/d). The third one is in Asia and will treat 36 MGD (135,000 m3/day) of seawater. Piedmont’s scope for this last project will include all three product lines (FRP cartridge filter housings, couplings, and self-cleaning strainers), which reinforces its position as a multi-product supplier for desalination projects.