Oxygen meter for tube & pipe welding

The new OxyINTEGRAL from Orbitec is claimed to be accurate at titanium weld purging levels and, when integrated with the company’s orbital welding controllers, can isolate the process and provide traceable documentation, enhancing safety and weld integrity. OxyINTEGRAL is an oxygen meter that uses a precision chemical cell (Zirconium Oxide) to determine low-volume oxygen levels compared with normal air. The unit can be calibrated in normal ambient conditions and will read down to one part per million. With its integrated sampling pump, the latest models can be used independently, as an integrated unit with Orbitec’s unique TIGTRONIC controller providing documented traceability or interfaced with any other orbital welding manufacturer’s controllers. The interlock function allows OxyINTEGRAL to be used as a condition isolator, preventing welding taking place where oxygen levels are likely to cause oxidation or bad welds. An optional analyser, the Oxy-2, provides calibrated measurement of pure or mixed inert gases and controls processes throughout the welding sequence.

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