Novarc unveils SWR+HyperFill at FABTECH 2021

Novarc Technologies announced that the company will be unveiling its new breakthrough technology, the Spool Welding Robot+HyperFill at FABTECH 2021 located in Chicago. The SWR+HyperFill is a highly efficient dual torch system that increases heavy fabrication productivity to 350-500 FDI per shift by increasing weld deposition rates, all while delivering excellent weld quality.

The SWR+HyperFill uses the Lincoln STT GMAW process on the root, and twin-wire GMAW-P (HyperFill®) on fill and cap passes. SWR+HyperFill utilizes Lincoln Electric’s patented twin-wire GMAW solution, HyperFill, to maximize productivity and profitability. It can be used on carbon steel pressure process pipes or vessels with 0.5″ – 2.5″ thickness and as low as 6″ in diameter. The system also has the flexibility of using root to cap GMAW or seamlessly switching to FCAW or MCAW for the fill and cap passes.

The Spool Welding Robot+HyperFill will be on display, and demonstration times are available from September 13 – 16th at Novarc Technologies booth #B23034.