New production site in Tucson, Arizona

In November 2020, Sandvik Materials Technology had found a second location for EXERA® fine medical wire and wire-based components manufacturing. Now Annie Witte, the new Production Supervisor, and her team are up and running after some months of preparations, all according to the timeline.

Annie joined the BU Medical Team in December 2020. In addition, Annie also focused on getting to know both the ways of working within BU Medical and her colleagues and their roles.

Annie also used her Palm Coast training period to hire the people who will work with her at the Tucson facility.

Now Annie and her team of three people are ready to go. They do constitute a small team, but their skills fit together very well. Annie made sure to find a good combination of experience, enthusiasm, and attention to detail amongst her new co-workers.

Together with the Palm Coast team, Annie and her colleagues have installed new module process rooms, exhaustion equipment to support the coating processes, specialized fine wire manufacturing utilities. Additionally, the equipment and facility have been going through rigorous IQ/OQ/PQ qualification procedures mandated by the medical device manufacturing industry.