More Engineers Needed

Dr. Ekkehard D. Schulz aims to generate enthusiasm for technology. In his newly released book, “55 reasons to become an engineer”, Dr. Schulz proudly states, “I have the best profession in the world!” For the Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG there are countless reasons to choose this profession. “55 reasons to become an engineer” is an impassioned plea and a declaration of love, and shows countless examples of how engineers, often unseen by the public and in the face of resistance, develop machines and technologies whose importance in some cases only becomes apparent generations later. Whether it’s car manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler, printing press inventor Johannes Gutenberg or computer pioneer Konrad Zuse – their inventions not only made life easier, they inspired revolutions. The book launch was accompanied by an expert panel discussion on the subject of “Generating enthusiasm for technology, recruiting young engineers”.  During the launch of the book, Dr. Schulz and other experts debated the glaring lack of engineers in Germany. Germany is still short 50,000 engineers, and Dr. Schulz hopes his book will underscore how important science and engineering are for society.

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