MetLase develops Industry 4.0 sensor technology

Engineers at MetLase have been developing Industry 4.0 sensor technology to monitor welding processes within the aerospace industry. This provides greater assurance for the welder prior to welding the components, and provides the information needed for continuous improvement of the process to further reduce defects. 
A major aerospace engine manufacturer approached MetLase to design and manufacture a customized system for controlled argon delivery within shielded welding with application to R&D and full production.
Welding exotic metals such as nickel-based super-alloys and titanium require inert gases to ensure a quality weld. Gas shields provide a controlled atmosphere, protecting the weld from atmospheric gases such as oxygen or water vapor, and must do this to better than 10 parts per million.
Working closely with the customer, MetLase specialist engineers created an initial design, iterated and improved it based on operator feedback.