Metalysis produces Niobium containing HEAs

Metalysis Ltd, the innovative South Yorkshire-headquartered company focused on commercialising its proprietary solid state metal powder manufacturing technology, has recently announced the production of a Niobium containing High Entropy Alloy (“HEAâ€?). HEAs are metastable materials which involve the combination of five or more metals from the periodic table. Metalysis successfully produced the Niobium containing HEA at its industrial scale facility in Wath-Upon-Dearne, which today produces Titanium and Tantalum metal powders, predominantly for 3D Printing.

While numerous materials scientists have focused their attentions on the creation, testing and improvement on Niobium based HEAs, the Metalysis Process has done so uniquely. Dr. Dion Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer of Metalysis, said: “Producing a Niobium containing HEA using our patented process marks the latest in our line of exciting achievements for Metalysis. Doing so further illustrates the wide range of products our technology can deliver, and marks the theoretical means to produce a Niobium containing HEA on an industrial scale. Pushing the boundaries of traditional alloys production remains a stated aim for Metalysis. In the coming months, our Gen 4 project will play an important part in scaling up the Titanium and Tantalum metal powders we commercially produce today, primarily for the 3D printing industry, as well as proving that we can produce on an industrial scale a range of unique alloys, including a Niobium containing HEA; all at comparably lower cost and lesser environmental footprint.â€?

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