Long goods raw material to palletized finished part

Automation, networking, and robotics are rapidly gaining ground in metalworking and in storage and sawing technology. Storage systems and sawing machines are increasingly being integrated into a uniformly controlled material flow in which all processes between incoming and outgoing goods are fully automated from the storage of the long goods raw material to the dispatch of the palletized finished parts. At KASTO, these topics have long since ceased to be visions of the future.

More and more users are relying on the automation and intelligent networking of individual workflows in production and logistics. This begins with the storage of the delivered raw material instead of the previously widespread floor or cantilever storage, companies are increasingly relying on fully automatic long goods storage systems.

Cassettes are usually used as load handling devices for the storage of long goods. A storage and retrieval machine automatically transports these to one or more transfer stations in line with the “goods to the next process” principle. These can be designed differently for the respective requirements, as fixed stations, for example, or in movable form as longitudinal or transverse transfer carriages. Orders are processed at the push of a button via the warehouse control system or directly via a higher-level ERP system to which the control system is connected via an interface.

The sawing of the articles removed from storage is often the first step in processing or manufacturing. Here too, all processes are increasingly organized without any human participation. The modern KASTO sawing machines can be seamlessly connected to the raw material warehouse by means of manipulators and conveyor technology and are supplied with the required materials. Depending on how it is equipped, the sawing machine can also run by itself. Material is fed to it automatically, and an intelligent machine control system sets all parameters, such as cutting length and cutting speed, based on the job data. State-of-the-art production saws can thus carry out a variety of jobs in succession with different materials and diameters, and operate autonomously for long periods.

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