Korean refinery upgrade with samplers

Three Jiskoot inline auto sampling systems, made from 304 stainless steel, were chosen for installation at the Yosu Refinery in Korea by the LG Caltex Oil Corporation, replacing the existing system and providing higher sampler reliability and repeatability. The Jiskoot system comprised Model 210 pneumatic sample probes with topbox housing, PR53F/PR103F sample receivers and SC9 sample controllers. All electrical equipment was certified by KOSHA. Robust enough to be inserted into the central area of the pipeline, the 210 probes have a novel three-stage positive displacement action giving accurate sampling irrespective of pressure or fluid viscosity variations. The sample trapping mechanism is located at the end of the insertion device and has a large pitot-style flow entry, minimising bluff body effects and improving accuracy. The PR sample receivers reduce sampling errors by the sample being introduced through a tube below the surface of any contents. Light and easy to clean, they are supplied complete with pressure gauge, relief valve/vacuum breaker and allowance for a customs seal.

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