IMOA launches a series of videos on molybdenum’s use

IMOA has recently launched a series of nine videos featuring international experts talking about various aspects of molybdenum’s role in the world today, including its essentiality for life and everyday applications.

The videos are designed to raise awareness of molybdenum’s vast range of uses in today’s world. The short videos cover different topics and are an excellent resource, not only for industry experts and those in areas such as architecture and automotive industries but for science, design and technology teachers as well as students of architecture, materials science and automotive design.

The videos feature three experts.

Catherine Houska, Metallurgical Engineer and Materials scientist, talks about molybdenum’s widespread use in architecture, building, and construction and explains why molybdenum-containing stainless steel is routinely selected as the material of choice. Catherine also covers the contribution of stainless steel to sustainability and why molybdenum-containing stainless steel was chosen for some of the world’s most iconic buildings, including the One World Trade Centre in New York, One Canary Wharf in London and Jin Mao in Shanghai.

Hardy Mohrbacher, the specialist in Materials and Mechanical Engineering, talks about molybdenum’s applications in industrial products such as gear steels. He also looks at its use in pipeline steel and how its properties are ideally suited as specifications have become more exacting with increases in distance, pressure and the extremes of temperatures in some new pipeline locations. The third video considers the important role of molybdenum in automotive steel as increasingly rigorous emissions restrictions mean carmakers are constantly striving to reduce overall weight, whilst maintaining strength and safety performance.

Dr. Philip Mitchell, Emeritus Reader in Chemistry at the University of Reading and Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, talks about molybdenum’s presence in the natural world, its essentiality and its role in the biology of living things.

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