Henry, the proud owner of Hart b.v. for 30 years

Henry Hart has been the proud owner of Hart b.v. for 30 years.

Henry took over the business, now 30 years ago in 1991 from his father. At the time, Hart b.v was smaller (only 5 employees) and had stocks in Stainless Steels and Low Alloys.

After taking over, a decision has been taken to sell all Stainless and Low Alloys stock and start to invest in Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials, a big change, but the stepping stones of Hart b.v. right now. Export also became a major share of Hart b.v. over the years.

Along the road, Henry changed Hart b.v. to his vision. It is now an International Stockholder and Master Distributor in the Nickel Alloys, it has Europe’s largest stocks in Nickel Alloy Piping components and a well-known player in the Nickel Alloys.