EcoCcompact for efficient solvent cleaning units

With features such as a large batch capacity, improved washing mechanics and wash fluid reconditioning, as well as energy-optimized system technology with effective heat recovery, the new generation of EcoCcompact machines keeps unit cleaning costs low even when cleanliness requirements are high.

The small footprint and flexible changeover between hydrocarbons and modified alcohols also contribute to the excellent economic efficiency and future-proof concept of the compact plug & play cleaning system from Ecoclean.

Ever-stricter demands on component quality and rising product diversity are calling for increasingly complex and versatile solutions in the parts cleaning sector. To keep production competitive, it is also essential to minimize resource consumption and unit cleaning costs while maximizing cleaning performance. The latest generation of the cost-efficient EcoCcompact solvent-based system has been adapted to meet these requirements. The compact plug & play solution allows to switch easily between hydrocarbons and modified alcohols (semi-polar solvents) during ongoing operation without any conversion work.

The EcoCcompact not only meets the requirements of factories with comparatively low production capacities and varying cleaning requirements but also those of large factories with decentralized cleaning stations.