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Möbelgatan 4 43133 Mölndal Västra Götalands län 431 33 Sweden
Invex was founded in 1982, when it was an agency company specializing in the welding industry. In 1991 Invex was acquired by the Empire Group and Siwerth Lundberg was hired to take over. Siwerth Lundberg, who had spent a long time working in the Aluminium industry, brought with him his experiences from the Aluminium industry as well as many customers from the engineering industry when he started at Invex.
Invex is your competent supplier of products, solutions and services in the metal industry, semi-finished products in Titanium, Special qualities of stainless steel, steel and Aluminium. Our strengths include a broad international network of contacts world-wide with plants and wholesalers in the metal industry and extensive material expertise.
With documentation and traceability throughout the whole chain, we have full control over the processes from order to delivery. We can trace an order throughout the whole chain to provide you the customer with correct, reliable information. Good traceability is a requirement in production to meet the demands of both authorities and customers. There are also financial aspects of traceability. Reduced costs of faulty products, incorrect deliveries and cancellations are some examples of the benefits of effective traceability.
Corporate culture
Our corporate culture is characterized by commercial awareness, humanity and inclusiveness, and this is underpinned by a flat, fast-moving organization. Good business ethics and long-term, trusting relationships are important starting points both internally and in contacts with external parties. 
The flat organization with short decision-making paths and decentralized responsibility results in good market knowledge and a proximity to our customers. It has been a precondition and a requirement for modern manufacturing industry in recent years to have extended collaboration, greater integration and more mutual commitments between companies throughout the entire value chain. These extended collaborations, in which business relationships are more like partnerships, suit us. We have for many years been working very closely with our customers throughout the whole product life cycle. From product development, production planning and production technology to specially adapted delivery systems. 
Knowledge and service are two of our most important concepts in ensuring that you the customer ultimately receive the best possible product. Through our large network of contacts, we can obtain most materials and versions for you, the customer. We start with our warehouse, but if something is not in stock we can source it within a reasonable period. 

We know what service is and we focus on you.

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Steel Bars


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