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Westthorpe Fields Road, Killamarsh, Sheffield S21 1TZ, UK
4 Westthorpe Fields Road Killamarsh England S21 1TW GB

Ecoke is a UK-based thought leader in manufacturing technologies and sustainability options, and is proud to be on a journey to cleaner and greener products, with success across multiple industries. With a capacity of 500,000 manufactured tonnes annually, the company is fulfilling pioneering eco-technology across Europe.

Ecoke’s new product is a biomass briquette that decarbonises industrial processes that replace carbon fuels and reductants. With Ecoke, no processes need to be amended, and there are no expensive start-up costs to be incurred. Instead, the briquettes offer instant decarbonisation, with a comparative performance with existing fossil fuels, aiding in reduced CO2 emissions.

Ecoke’s achievements in the manufacturing process are founded on highly experienced and qualified colleagues, and years of innovative research and development across the field of sustainability.

Join us on the journey to cleaner and greener solutions.