Cummins engine available on Lincoln welder

The Lincoln Electric Company’s Commander™ 500 multi-process, engine-driven welder/generator now offers contractors the choice of the Cummins engine. The Cummins engine, coupled with Lincoln’s Chopper Technology™, aims to achieve superior welding performance. The Commander 500 can be used for these DC processes: stick, TIG, cored wire, MIG and arc gouging. The Commander provides 500 amps of pure welding power at 100% duty cycle, and is ideal in construction, maintenance, repair and pipe welding. Besides being a DC multi-purpose welding machine, the Commander 500 is capable of generating 12,000 watts of continuous duty AC generator power from the 120V/240V full-KVA receptacle or 4800 watts of AC generator power from two 120V duplex receptacles.