AvestaPolarit instals Surface Imaging Solution

ABB has installed its first IndustrialIT for Surface Imaging Solution at AvestaPolarit’s Tornio plant. Surface Imaging detects and classifies any defects such as slivers, blisters, roll marks, inclusion lines and shells as well as incorporates advanced defect classification and reporting for product yield management.
The IndustrialIT for Surface Imaging installed on annealing and pickling line #4 is a dual beam system facilitating darkfield and lightfield measurements. IndustrialIT for Surface Imaging is designed to be slim in hardware architecture even in case of a multiple beam system with dual side detection. IndustrialIT for Surface Imaging identically inspects strips 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. IndustrialIT for Surface Imaging inspects 100% of production, immediately reports defects when they occur, saves the inspection result which can be used in a claim situation, monitors the inspection result so it fits the order and provides advanced tools for process analysis and yield management.

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