Amsterdam hosts the 2011 Gastech

By David Sear

The Gastech show – where the commercial and technical worlds meet – has just concluded in the Rai exhibition centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This four day event drew all the serious players in the gas and LNG business, such as Shell, Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil, etc etc etc, as well as important providers of equipment, materials and services.
Stainless Steel World took the opportunity to interview some of the CRA suppliers about developments in the industry, their thoughts on future opportunities and their impressions of the Gastech in general.
Specialty steels
Thomas Wolter, Managing Director, AK Steel Germany, explained that AK Steel was at the Gastech to promote its specialty steels. High strength, good corrosion resistance and ability to withstand cryogenic temperatures are key properties for materials used in LNG facilities, he confirmed.
The re-launch of 654SMO
Outokumpu’s Segment Solution Manager Francois Weisang-Hoinard gives frank replies when questioned about the re-launch of 654 SMO. He indicates this alloy can definitely compete with nickel-based alloys and titanium and sees wide applications for this grade in the gas industry.
INVAR uncovered
Richard Moschetti, President and CEO of Aperam Alloys USA, kindly explains why INVAR is such a useful alloy for LNG applications. He also touches on the development of a pipe-in-pipe product, which could bring cost advantages in loading and unloading systems.
Orbital welding
Magnatech’s expertise about welding CRA clad pipe is second to none. President Wijnhold Wijnholds kindly listed some key points for attention during this process. Many problems can be avoided by open discussions between parties at the earliest possible stage, he emphasized.
Doing the impossible
Darrell Heafner (Global Sales) explained exactly why Alloy & Stainless Fasteners was at the Gastech. He touched on changes in the marketplace and how his company has successfully responded. Incidentally, Darrell is the right man to turn to if you need the impossible doing!
Stainless steel banding
First time exhibitor BS Stainless enjoyed the Gastech show in Amsterdam, said Sales Director Mark Almond. He shook hands with customers from all around the world, all interested in so-called banding. This stainless-steel based product can be used to hold insulation firmly in place.
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