VirTual freeze drying

The new VirTual freeze drying system is based upon the VirTis Ultra series freeze dryers. The VirTual range is suitable for pilot scale, bulk or high vapour load, rapid freeze drying applications. VirTual freeze dryers feature a large shelf surface area to footprint ratio, with a standard unit measuring 127cm W x 193cm H x 99cm D and variable, working shelf area available from 4 to 10 shelves and up to 1.42m2. The VirTual 50 litre internal, stainless steel condenser is configured to add the enhancements and features of an external condenser, whilst preventing any vapour impedance during bulk drying. Although the condenser is a high surface area, internal coil, the chamber has been specifically designed to allow the condenser to be isolated, enabling pressure rise tests to be carried out to give an indication of the end of drying. This is achieved by lowering the bottom shelf of the unit, which seals off the condenser from the rest of the chamber. All chamber surfaces are manufactured from polished, stainless steel. Three different refrigeration options are available, offering condenser temperatures from -53C to -90C and low shelf temperatures of -48C to -70C for processing varied materials.

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