Vacuum technology reduces hospital costs

Vacuum technology from Siemens Elmo is proving an enormous success, particularly in hospitals. New stainless-steel pumps avoid the shortcomings of traditional systems used on autoclave units where a combination of vacuum and steam is used to sterilise everything from theatre instruments to bed sheets. In traditional vacuum pumps, steam heats up the water used to seal the units, causing cavitation damage to the pump as the bubbles collapse. A supply of cold water is used to reduce the impact of cavitation but this generates stress fluctuations that result in significant fatigue damage to the pump. Operating costs, of key vacuum facilities, are therefore high, due to the need for frequent maintenance and the demand for replacement parts. Despite heavy spending, reliability remains low and budget management is impossible.
Siemens has solved these problems with a smaller unit that is 20% lighter and uses 50% less water. Lasting three times longer, the unique design enables the stainless steel casing to be replaced without uncoupling the pump; a single twist is all that it needs. Vacuum pumps are a key element in many medical systems where the extended reliability available from the new Siemens Elmo range is welcomed everywhere. The standard stainless-steel casing and minimal replacement time are recognised as major availability initiatives.

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