Unique Ion Centre at Slovak University

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava has recently opened new research pavilions with laboratories at the Faculty of Materials Science in Trnava, Slovak Ion Centre called the SlovakION and Research Institute for automation and informatisation of manufacturing processes. One of the new systems allows scientists to modify materials using accelerated ion flux through voltage of 6 million volts. Because of additional devices scientists can modify the surface of materials by using plasma coating or sputtering.

Scientists at the Faculty of Materials science & Technology have long been devoted to new materials research. Up until recently they focused on the research of complex metal alloys characterized by high corrosion resistance, light reflectance and high hydrogen absorption capacity. High hydrogen absorption capacity would be a major shift in the development of hydrogen combustion engines in cars.

SlovakION was built by the Slovak University of Technology as part of the “University science park Cambo Trnava” project. The project also included the construction of another research institute for automation and informatization of manufacturing processes and systems. Laboratories at this institute are equipped with engineering apparatus and technologies from world’s leading manufacturers, mainly from the automotive industry. The laboratories will be used for applied research and prepare students for their future profession.

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