TYROLIT signs an exclusive agreement with TITANS of CNC

TYROLIT enters an exclusive partnership with TITANS of CNC in its endeavor to provide free manufacturing education in an entirely new way. A leading authority in the field of teaching the latest breakthroughs in CAD; CAM, CNC and Metrology TITANS teach an online video-based curriculum, that is open to anyone regardless of age, technical savvy, or prior schooling.

TITANS of CNC as a machine shop in Northern California focused on producing some of the most demanding components in the aerospace industry. It has since evolved into a reality TV series constituting a globally recognized CNC educational platform, which has benefitted a wide network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students and educators.

The newly formed cooperation will include the production of a series of instructional videos as well as the mutual promotion and presentation of the ideal grinding setup, that will help customers and students of the Academy alike. A Website detailing the cooperation titans.tyrolit.group will soon be launched to bundle all content and provide customers with a guide to the various grinding solutions.