TRIDITIVE announces serial manufacturing platform

Spanish AM industrial machinery manufacturer company TRIDITIVE is looking to accelerate the adoption of serial additive manufacturing of metal parts through high volume production of components with its AMCELL 3D printing machine and platform processing BASF’s Ultrafuse 316LX filament.

TRIDITIVE has launched the AMCELL®, a hybrid and automated additive manufacturing machine capable of producing up to 10,000 green parts per month. Enabled by its control software and remote monitoring, the integrated system is making additive manufacturing a viable solution for high volume manufacturing in a 24/7 mode.

According to TRIDITIVE CEO Mariel Diaz, “The green parts printed with AMCELL® using BASF’s metal filament solution meet the geometric and surface quality requirements for mass manufacturing of final parts. The controlled build chamber environment in the AMCELL® and its optimized extrusion process achieve part porosities similar to those that are typically obtained from metal injection molding technology (MIM)â€?.

BASF’s Ultrafuse 316LX filament is a metal-polymer composite comprising austenitic stainless-steel type 316L powder. Tailored to existing, high throughput MIM industry standard catalytic de-binding and sintering, final metal parts are produced in high quality.

The combination of AMCELL’s® capabilities for automated manufacturing of large batches and the use of Ultrafuse 316LX enable the fabrication of cost-effective parts through additive manufacturing. It greatly eases material handling processes by eliminating potential hazards inherent to other metal powders AM processes such as Powder Bed Fusion, Direct Metal Deposition or Binder Jetting. The automatic load and consumption control of Ultrafuse 316LX filament spools facilitate the AMCELL® to operate largely unsupervised during the whole production process.

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