Thin-walled custom titanium alloy processing method

Deluxe Industry Co., Limited processing plant cooperates with a well-known university in China to develop scientific research projects. One of the parts is titanium alloy material. The titanium alloy material has four different chemical components, namely TC4, T3, T760 and T820, of which TC4 bar is in the market and can be bought. The other three are special titanium alloy steel, cannot be purchased in the market, however it is provided by the university. Each material is processed in several pieces, totalling more than 10 pieces. The technical requirements of the part: the coaxiality error of the outer surface and the inner surface is ≤0.04mm, and the surface roughness value is R.=1.6um.

Because of the amount of processing and the influence of materials, it is impossible to provide blanks by hot forging and rough forming, and it is impossible to use the sheet spin forming process, which can only be realized by bar processing.

Processing route analysis: The part belongs to a typical thin-walled part, the thickest part is 2.2mm, and the thinnest part is on the skirt side, only 1.37mm. The two planned routes are as follows: first inner and outer method: firstly, the inner arc SR24.6mm is completed, then cut off, and the car is used to locate the mandrel, and the top is tight and then turned. First and then the inner method: after the bar outer round rough car, Dongguan CNC processing plant uses the CNC lathe subroutine nesting, gradually approaching the outer arc SR25.5mm, then cut off, the car special positioning screw sleeve locks, The inner hole cutter is turned again. In the first method, there is a case where the rotating core is not processed, and the pattern requirement cannot be satisfied. The second method is firm and the processing quality is stable.

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