TECNINOX wins a new NORSOK approval

Piping components in duplex, super duplex (and 31254) used in Norwegian offshore activities have been constantly under very tight scrutiny due to the critical nature of the installations. The Norwegian Authorities have recently increased the level of acceptability of production methods and testing extensions by releasing a new edition of the NORSOK approval which all manufacturers must eventually adhere to.
The new requirements, introduced with the latest edition of the M-650 NORSOK approval, are specifically aimed at ensuring that all pieces in the furnace reach the proper combination of temperature and holding time. Tecninox guarantees that this happens by using an additional thermocouple attached to one piece located in the core of the heat treatment batch. In addition, the officially certified furnace uniformity test at Tecninox provides a further guarantee registering +/- 4 ºC of temperature variation, a very tight tolerance considering that NORSOK permissible range is +/- 14 ºC.
The above measures, together with an adequate transfer time between the furnace and the quenching bath, deliver products with total absence of intermetallic phases for a sound metallurgical structure.
From a quality control standpoint, additional ferrite checks are required endorsing outstanding material performance.
Due to the vast experience accumulated and the extensive innovations carried out, Tecninox is at the forefront of the market being the first and, currently, the only butt weld fittings producer in the world to be certified in accordance with NORSOK M-650 edition 4 by the Norwegian Authorities.
This result has been achieved thanks to the solid technical background validated by a strong determination to retain a position of a reliable manufacturer of quality products.
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