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WTO works with Hainbuch on Smart Factory concept

Working together with Hainbuch, WTO has overcome the obstacles by performing a closely coordinated series of measurements and tests.

Ron Kirk resigns from AISI

Ron Kirk announced his resignation as US Trade Representative after 4 years of service in the administration. The steel industry’s premier trade association commended him on his cooperation with the industry.

WTO speeds ruling on steel

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will adopt a ruling against US steel tariffs on 1 December.

WTO rejects Section 201 appeal

Confirming its earlier ruling that the US safeguard measures under Section 201 are illegal, the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization has rejected the American appeal.

China to co-operate on WTO ban

China will co-operate with its co-complainants to enforce a World Trade Organisation (WTO) panel's judgement that US steel duties violate global trade rules.

After China enters the WTO

China’s Stainless steel manufacturing will expand after the country joins the WTO, according to a report in Science & Technology Daily.