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EnBW and Equinor invest in German offshore wind

EnBW and Equinor announced their interest in developing offshore wind together. EnBW is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe.

DNV assists KEPCO to deliver wind power to South Korea

DNV is assisting KEPCO in the development of a long-term offshore power grid plan to deliver renewable offshore wind power to South Korea.

Nickel makes a hard case for wind power

Wind power is a fast-growing energy sector, with almost 600 gigawatts in operation at the end of 2018, providing about 5% of global electricity demand. Wind power, along with solar, biomass and hydro power, is one of the renewable energy sources replacing dependence on fossil fuels.

Siemens wins wind power orders

newsitemSiemens Energy has secured and order for the Jeffrey’s Bay wind power plant with a capacity of 138 megawatts (MW).

Doosan invests in UK wind power industry

Doosan Power Systems will enter into the Scottish wind power business with an investment of up to GBP 170 million over the next ten years, supported by Scottish Enterprise. Upon completion, the project is expected to make a substantial contribution to Scotland’s expanding wind industry

Wind generation and energy storage

McKenzie Bay International Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Valence Technology Inc. for the evaluation of Valence's Saphion(TM) lithium-ion technology.

Britain plans more offshore wind power

Britain is gearing up to build a wave of huge offshore wind farms.

AEP and TXU expand West Texas wind project

The Trent Mesa Project, a wind-power generation facility under construction near Abilene, Texas, is expanded to 150,000kw of production from 130,000kw under an agreement between TXU Corp.