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Waterjet cutting for the dismantling of obsolete ships

In Germany, two pilot projects are underway for the dismantling of obsolete ships with the environmentally friendly waterjet abrasive suspension system.

FAWJ bridges the gap between micro laser and EDM

Cutting narrow incisions with ultra-high precision in high-density materials using waterjet technology requires a specific waterjet cutting process: the Fine Abrasive Waterjet process (FAWJ).

TCI installs the new OMAX 80X waterjet machining center

TCI Precision Metals recently announced the installation of the new OMAX 80X waterjet machining center. The new machine is faster and more accurate compared to any abrasive jet waterjet in the industry, which will help TCI Precision Metals shorten customer lead times, provide greater cutting efficiency, and reduce prices for the waterjet cutting services.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace acquires Waterjet

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has acquired the business activities of The Waterjet Group, based in Darton, South Yorkshire/UK, via its UK subsidiary. The closing took place on July 31, 2013. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Waterjet cutting machine for mining

When Mine Mechanisation and Equipment Ltd (MME)invested in a KMT Waterjet Systems powered waterjet cutting machine, it allowed the company to diversify into totally different industries.