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Scientist wins European Science Slam Championship

Scientist wins European Science Slam Championship

Aniruddha Dutta, a doctoral student at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) in Düsseldorf and acting German science slam champion 2018/19, has won the European Science Slam Championship 2019/20 in Vienna, Austria, against his competitors from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

juwi group provides an energy turnaround at the EW

newsitemAt the trade show European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) held in Vienna, Austria, wind experts from the juwi group entered the global competition with a new company structure and a full project pipeline. “Wind power, especially onshore wind power, has great economic potential.

RathGibson office in Vienna

RathGibson has recently opened an office in Vienna, Austria to serve power generation companies in Europe.