Tag: Vanadium

Sohar Noble Metals signs a deal with SOHAR Freezone

SOHAR Port and Freezone signed a land lease agreement with Sohar Noble Metals (FZC), for the production of Vanadium and Niobium metals in SOHAR Freezone.

Vanadium key to building a sustainable future

Vanadium is a key metal for sustainable development around the world. It is used to reduce the CO2 footprint of steelmaking and applied as...

Largo’s vanadium for aerospace industry

Largo Resources Ltd., has announced that Largo's vanadium pentoxide has been qualified for use by a major North American producer of master alloys for the aerospace industry.

Pangang begins construction

In early October, Pangang announced that it had started construction on its Xichang vanadium & titanium resources utilization project.

Chinese special steel companies merge

A merger has taken place between Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Company and the Great Wall Special Iron and Steel (Group) Co. Ltd.

Wind generation and energy storage

McKenzie Bay International Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Valence Technology Inc. for the evaluation of Valence's Saphion(TM) lithium-ion technology.