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ZKIN expands its business operations in Uganda

ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (ZKIN) is looking to expand its business operations into the emerging multi-billion dollar metal pipe market located in Africa.

Uganda to buy power from AAE

California-based AAE Systems and the Ugandan government have entered into a power purchase agreement for the electricity produced by a 150MW geothermal plant built in western Uganda, according to Uganda’s New Vision.

Uganda wants to keep 40% stake in refinery

newsitemThe Ugandan government wants to retain a 40% stake in the proposed oil refinery project in the country's Lake Albertine rift basin, where companies are currently developing oil fields containing as much as 2.5 billion barrels of oil, Uganda's junior energy and minerals minister told Dow Jones Newswires Friday. The oil refinery, which is expected to cost up to USD 5B, will be developed under a public-private partnership and is billed as the country's largest ever infrastructure project, Peter Lokeris said in an interview. "We are negotiating with prospective investors, and by around August we will select the most serious companies and ask them to submit bids," Mr.

Uganda: oil fields development

LUKoil has begun talks with the government of Uganda to develop oil fields in the East African country.

Kenya: oil pipeline

Indian Oil Corp. (IndianOil) is preparing to bid to build a 320km pipeline that will take oil products from Kenya to Uganda.