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Argex increased future production capacity

Argex Titanium Inc. (“Argexâ€?) has announced that it reached a higher level of optimization of its titanium dioxide pigment production process allowing it to further reduce its operational costs and position the company very favorably in comparison with other TiO2 pigment producers worldwide.

Sacthleben price increase for titanium dioxide

Sachtleben has announced price increases for all grades of titanium dioxide products effective 1 October 2008. The increase will be EUR 80/tn in Europe and USD 150 per metric ton on US dollar based markets outside Europe.

Kronos announces price increase

On 3 September 2008, Kronos Worldwide Inc. announced a price increase of USD 0.08/lb for all titanium dioxide grades sold in North America.

Dupont announces price increase

On 6 August 2008, DuPont Titanium Technologies announced a price increase for DuPont Ti-Pure titanium dioxide grades sold in Western and Central Europe, Turkey, Greece and North Africa.

Tata Steel plans big in mineral business

Tata Steel (India) has said the company will focus on the minerals business and is prospecting for titanium dioxide, a key ingredient for paints and high-grade paper, along the Tamil Nadu coast.

Brazilian firm boosts titanium dioxide output

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals do Brasil, headquartered in Camacari in the state of Bahia, will invest R$ 54.6 million to expand and modernise its Guaju mining facility situated in Mataraca, State of Paraiba.