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ORNL develops cheaper titanium

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and industry partners are developing a non-melt consolidation process that could reduce the amount of energy required and the cost to make titanium parts from powders by up to 50%, making it feasible to use titanium alloys for brake rotors, artificial joint replacements and armor for military vehicles.

Ferrerira joins Fine Tubes

Fine Tubes, manufacturer of high specification precision tubing in stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys, with its head office in Plymouth (UK) has announced the welcoming of another powerful driving force on board the Sales & Marketing Department.

Worldwide alloys distributor

Hart bv has been a distributor of heat & corrosion resistant materials for over 40 years, supplying nickel, Monel ®, Incoloy ®, Hastelloy ®, and titanium alloys globally to the chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries.

Hart bv at Adipec

Hart bv has been a distributor of heat & corrosion resistant materials for over 40 years.

Grinding machines titanium faster than milling

Capable of halving milling cycle times on titanium alloys, a superabrasive high metal removal rate grinding process will machine these difficult metals typically at 50mm3/mm of wheel width/sec.

Japan Medical Materials Corporation established

Kyocera Corporation (Kyoto, Japan) and Kobe Steel Ltd (Kobe) will establish a new company aiming to become a total medical material manufacturer by consolidating the medical material businesses of both companies.

New cutting tool for stainless

A new tooling solution for machining of titanium alloys and heat-resistant super alloys materials is now being introduced by Sandvik Coromant.

Dynamet raises prices of titanium alloys

Dynamet Inc., a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corp., has increased book prices on most of its titanium alloys by 5–12%, effective immediately on new orders.