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Taiwan signs agreement with QatarEnergy

Taiwan’s national oil company, CPC, has signed a long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply deal with QatarEnergy that also gives Taipei equity in the...

WELTEC BIOPOWER builds a biogas plant in Taiwan

Together with its Asian partner Melchers Taiwan, the manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER is building a biogas plant in the southwest of the island state.

Air Liquide announces a major investment in Taiwan

Air Liquide will invest close to EUR 200M to build production capacities in the Science Parks of Tainan and Hsinchu, respectively located in the South and the North of Taiwan.

Walsin Lihwa awards contract to SMS group

Taiwanese stainless steel bar producer Walsin Lihwa Corp., based in Yenshui, Taiwan, has awarded SMS group a contract for the supply of a new high-performance peeling machine, type PM160, for stainless steel bars.

US ITC decides on review of AD on stainless plates

The US International Trade Commission has decided that revoking the existing countervailing duty order on stainless steel plate from South Africa and the existing antidumping duty orders on stainless steel plate from Belgium, Korea, South Africa, and Taiwan

US ITC vote on stainless steel imports

The US International Trade Commission has voted to extend the tariffs on stainless steel sheet and strip imports from Japan, Korea and Taiwan for another 5 years, but voted against continuing tariffs on the same product imports

Bulgaria: pipe mill

A Taiwanese company is considering investing EUR 1.5 million in the construction of a new steel pipe plant in Bulgaria. 

Taiwan stainless to rise in March

In February, Asian/Chinese stainless steel has been hiked by USD 50 to 200pt in line with higher nickel cost.

US ITC continues trade barrier

The US International Trade Commission determined that revoking the existing antidumping duty orders on certain welded stainless steel pipe from Korea and Taiwan would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time.

EU anti-dumping duties

The EU has said that it has imposed anti-dumping duties ranging from 7% to 27.4% on imports of certain stainless steel fasteners and their parts from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.