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Super Duplex is a form of duplex stainless steel formed from an alloy (a solid solution of one or more metals in another metal) of austenite and ferrite. Normally, the alloy ratio is between 40:60 and 50:50.

Super duplex in carbon capture storage plants

Global leaders are trying to regain momentum on climate change to pivot from negotiating to implementing the massive transformations required.

SAER pumps now available in super duplex

SAER is ready to face these scenarios with a strong and effective response: a full range available in duplex and super duplex.

Special Piping – from Manchester to five continents

Special Piping Materials has grown from a single office in Manchester, UK to a global network of seven sales offices and warehouses across five continents.

Termomeccanica Pompe designs integrated pumping systems

Termomeccanica Pompe specializes in designing and manufacturing engineered pump solutions customized to each customer's project. The proposed solutions can be highly integrated since the brand...

What is the maximum operating temperature for duplex stainless steel?

Most users know that at above 250 °C, duplex grades can be affected by embrittlement caused by spinodal decomposition.

Amarinth delivers API 610 pumps for West Qurna-2

Amarinth has delivered two separate orders of API 610 pumps totalling £1.2M for the West Qurna-2 expansion project in Iraq.

Amarinth: Duplex pumps for West Qurna-2 Project

Amarinth has delivered two separate orders of API 610 pumps totalling £1.2M for the West Qurna-2 expansion project in Iraq. West Qurna-2, located approximately 65km...

SAF 2507® for Mero and Buzios oilfields offshore Brazil

The Mero and Buzios oilfields in the pre-salt Santos Basin are two of the most high-profile and challenging ultra-deepwater projects offshore Brazil and super-duplex stainless steel umbilical tubes were selected for both prestigious projects.

Piping packages in super duplex stainless steel

Super duplex stainless steels are now widely used in a variety of challenging applications where their strength and resistance to corrosion are well suited....

Kingston components for a Water Treatment Facility in Dubai

The precision components that Kingston Engineering manufacture play a critical role in many varied industry applications right across the globe. Its expertise in machining...