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Experience from the field…

Since 1998 leaks have repeatedly been detected in 304L stainless steel bellows in a ‘contaminated’ process steam system at one of the chemical plants on the Chemelot Site. Investigations revealed that while the outside of the bellows were corrosion-free the inside exhibited severe corrosion. The challenge: to determine whether the corrosion was due to design of the bellow or the operating conditions.

Stainless biogas plants for sustainability

Biogas plants are increasing in popularity in response to pressure on industry and municipalities to reduce sewage sludge and power costs while improving sustainability. Stainless Steel digesters are an integral part of biogas plant technology.

Geotechnical applications for stainless steel

In marine environments stainless steels provide an economical and long term solution to challenging geotechnical problems. A recently refurbished lifeboat station is a good example.