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Stainless rebar perfect for bridge renovation

Stainless rebar perfect for bridge renovation

Outokumpu Long Products has won a contract to supply more than 2,500 metric tons of stainless steel rebar to the Rodanthe Bridge project in North Carolina, USA. Deliveries will be started in Q2 2018 and continue through 2020.

Stainless rebar conference

On the occasion of BATIBOUW, the European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industry, in co-operation with the Belgian Steel Development Association, is organising a conference on the use of stainless steel rebar for concrete.

Stainless bridges

The state of Oregon in the NW USA is using S32205 stainless steel to build a bridge designed to last 120 years, according to Virginia Heffernan (Nickel magazine, February 2003).

Publications from SSINA

Specialty Steel Industry of North America has produced a publication, “Stainless Steel Rebar Guidelines for Shipping, Handling, Fabrication and Placementâ€?.