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Dream Boat was commissioned for the Nanjing Youth Olympics

Realizing large scale stainless sculptures

Stainless steel is increasingly popular for large scale sculptures and public installations around the world. Companies that specialize in the creation of such pieces are both pioneers in the techniques required and promoters of this versatile material. Sino Sculpture is one such company that was created to produce works almost exclusively in stainless steels.
Kelpies Falkirk Scotland

Stainless artwork pays homage to history

The Kelpies are one of the largest equine sculptures in the world, standing almost 37 meters (130 feet) tall. Located near Falkirk in Central Scotland and created by artist Andy Scott, they are the largest public artworks in Scotland and are constructed entirely of 316L stainless steel.

Sho sculpture

On 28 September, a 13ft tall and 10ft wide sculpture depicting the head of a young Chinese girl was installed in the Meadows Museum Plaza.

New stainless-steel ‘ice’ sculpture

A new stainless-steel sculpture has been unveiled outside the National Ice Centre in Nottingham, UK.

Stainless Virgin

A 33-foot-tall, 4-ton stainless steel statue of the Virgin Mary is on tour through the Midwest area of the USA, according to the Chicago Daily Herald.