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Roll-Kraft offers online Resource Center

Roll-Kraft, a trusted technical resource to the tube and pipe and roll forming industry, announced the addition of a comprehensive, easily accessible Resource Center to its website.

LaVelle joins Roll-Kraft as Procurement Manager

Roll-Kraft has appointed Matt LaVelle to the position of Procurement Manager. LaVelle comes to Roll-Kraft from Materion Corporation where he was responsible for purchasing materials for three manufacturing facilities.

Gehrisch joins Roll-Kraft as Vice President

Roll-Kraft announced the appointment of Kevin Gehrisch to the position of Vice President. Gehrisch will oversee all of the Roll-Kraft-owned companies in his new role and will be active in charting the growth path of the company.Gehrisch joined Roll-Kraft in 2010, and spent his early years as part of the maintenance department and then as a regrind engineer, where he learned the design process and how Roll-Kraft products are made.Gehrisch spent nearly 2 years traveling with Roll-Kraft’s technical teams, meeting customers, and observing their applications.

Yervand Poghosyan joins Roll-Kraft

Roll-Kraft, a supplier of tube and pipe and roll form tooling, has declared the appointment of Yervand Poghosyan to the position of Vice President of Engineering.

Roll-Kraft reaches outstanding delivery ratings

newsitemRoll-Kraft is pleased to announce that during the month of December, 2015, 100% of its shipments were on-time deliveries.

Roll-Kraft Ltd. completes latest ISO audit

Roll-Kraft, a leading producer of tube and pipe tooling and roll forming tooling, is pleased to announce that Roll-Kraft Ltd., its factory in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada has successfully completed its latest audit according to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard.

Roll-Kraft expands

Roll-Kraft has announced that facilities in Mentor, Ohio, Frankfurt, Illinois, and Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, will each expand their manufacturing capabilities with the addition of machines in each plant to aid in meeting the demands of roll forming companies and tube & pipe producers.

Roll-Kraft embossing rolls

Roll-Kraft has added embossing rolls to the list of tooling produced for the metal roll forming industry.

Roll-Kraft’s Dr Resolve

Roll-Kraft has released its Dr Resolve, a new online tool that allows welded tube, pipe, and metal roll forming producers to submit roll tooling and roll forming equipment questions through a simple online form.

Roll-Kraft re-certified

Roll-Kraft, a supplier of tooling and equipment for the tube & pipe and roll forming industry, has participated in the latest audit by the International Organization for Standardization and has successfully been re-certified as “ISO 9001:2000 With Design.”