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WTO works with Hainbuch on Smart Factory concept

WTO works with Hainbuch on Smart Factory concept

Working together with Hainbuch, WTO has overcome the obstacles by performing a closely coordinated series of measurements and tests.
ENGIE and POSCO secure land block (Z1-02) from Hydrom

ENGIE and POSCO secure land block (Z1-02) from Hydrom

The consortium led by ENGIE and POSCO was awarded land block (Z1-02) by Hydrom. The concession block is located in Duqm. ENGIE and POSCO have...
DNV assists KEPCO to deliver wind power to South Korea

DNV assists KEPCO to deliver wind power to South Korea

DNV is assisting KEPCO in the development of a long-term offshore power grid plan to deliver renewable offshore wind power to South Korea.

Power generation: no magic bullet

In an ideal world, the energy scarcity triggered by the war in Ukraine would serve as a wake-up call to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.
LM Wind Power’s 107 m blade being manufactured in Cherbourg, France Photo: LM Wind Power.

Where is renewable energy heading?

At the end of last year, an event occurred that is probably more important for renewable energy than various recent technological advances
Saipem launches SUISO

Saipem launches SUISO

Saipem launches SUISO, a technological solution for the production of green hydrogen thus confirming its commitment to support its clients in the energy transition. The trademark has been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Eni & Synhelion produce methanol using renewable energy

Eni and Synhelion, a spin-off of Zurich Polytechnic University (ETHZ), announced the development of new technology for the production of methanol from carbon dioxide (CO2), water and methane, in a process that requires high temperatures achieved by harnessing solar energy.
As of 2016 there was a total installed CSP capacity of 4

High-temp Nickel alloys & stainless steels for concentrated solar power

Nickel-based alloys and nickel-containing stainless are playing key roles in an emerging source of renewable energy known as thermal solar plants or concentrated solar power (CSP). The use of nickel-based alloys and nickel-containing stainless has enabled the solar power industry to overcome challenges in heat transfer and thermal storage technology.

GN Energy has acquired Forest Fuels

Forest Fuels has announced that it has been acquired by GN Energy Solutions. The company will also be acquiring GG Eco Solutions, a leading UK-based renewable energy supplier.

Korea to build largest renewables complex

Seven Korean public institutions and businesses, including the Gyeonggi provincial government, Korea Rural Community Corp. and Korea Midland Power Corp., are teaming up in a renewable energy development project. Combined, they will invest a total of USD 536.4 million over the coming three years