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Aspiring to the condition of sculpture: recent stainless steel trends in...

James Chater gives an overview of the use of stainless steels and titanium in architecture, construction and art.

Stainless rebar perfect for bridge renovation

Outokumpu Long Products has won a contract to supply more than 2,500 metric tons of stainless steel rebar to the Rodanthe Bridge project in North Carolina, USA. Deliveries will be started in Q2 2018 and continue through 2020.

Major HK stainless steel rebar contract signed by

newsitemOne of the worlds leading supplier of stainless steel reinforcement, Arminox, has signed a contract to supply stainless steel reinforcement for the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau causeway project, which is one of the largest bridge projects in the world. This prestigeuos project has a life time requirement of 120 years without maintenance, and therefor stainless steel reinforcement has been specified in the critical areas of the structure, mainly in splash zones.

Bridge repairs using SS rebar

Dunkirk Specialty Steel have used 316LN stainless steel rebar to repair a road bridge in Chautauga County, NY.

Major stainless steel rebar application

Carpenter Technology Corp., USA reports the supply of 200 tons of stainless steel reinforcing bar to The Fort Miller Co. of Schyulerville, NY.