Tag: pressure

Increased pressure for metering pump

The QX series of metering pumps from Quizix Inc can now handle a maximum operating pressure of 20,000 psi thanks to stainless steel or Hastelloy construction materials.

Check valves for high temperatures

Parker Instrumentation has launched a new instrumentation check valve to cope with extreme temperatures and high pressures.

Gulf pipeline contract

CSE-Servelec, based in Sheffield, UK, has won a contract to monitor and control a gas pipeline in the Gulf.

Rapid assembly tubes

Parker Instrumentation has a new "rapid assembly" design for tube fittings for liquid and gas instrumentation systems that will handle pressures up to 15,000 PSI.

Stainless strainers

Nicholson Steam Trap, Walden, NY is offering a broad new line of strainers designed to suit most applications. Its line of Y Strainers line in cast iron, bronze, steel and stainless steel.

Hand-held pressure calibrator

Weighing less than one pound, the hand-held Condec 3000 pressure calibrator is easy to carry and operates for more than 90 hours on one 9V battery.