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Jinchuan interest in Nonoc nickel mines

China's Jinchuan Group Ltd has renewed its interest in investing as much as USD 1.5 billion in the rehabilitation of the Nonoc nickel mines in Surigao province of the Philippines. It is reported that the company would likewise pursue other mining

The Philippines: Taganito nickel project a go

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd has announced that it has reached a decision to proceed with a project to produce nickel cobalt mixed sulfide in Taganito, the NE region of Mindanao Island in the Philippines.

Jatropha-based biofuels project

The Philippine state-owned company PNOC-Alternative Fuels Corp. (Manila) has signed a USD 1.3 billion contract with UK-based NRG Chemical Engineering to build a biodiesel refinery and two ethanol plants in the Philippines.

Philippines hydro power plant

The Philippines' Negros Island, comprising Occidental and Oriental Negros, will develop its own 54.5 megawatt hydro-electric power plant in the next five years.