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Xiris launches XVC-310 ‘Lipstick’ Camera

Xiris Automation have introduced their XVC-310 HDR color weld camera with a diameter of only 17mm.

Orbital welding in High and Ultra High Purity environments

These are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions in clean-room facilities connected to gas, liquids, steam, and water supplies through welded tubes.

Orbital welding

CMI Enterprise serves the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries. The company has also had opportunities to expand its other process equipment and heat exchanger business for the high purity and power generation industries.

Two heads are better than one

Orbimatic has introduced its Orbitwin unit for high-rate production tube welding.

Product CD revamped

Orbimatic have revamped its product CD. OrbiCD is said to be a valuable asset for anybody involved in the welding of tubes and pipes.

OrbiLogic voltage detection system

The ORBIMAT product range has been further improved with an OrbiLogic option available on the ORBIMAT 160C orbital welding power supplies which allows the machine to be run from either 110v or 230v supplies with no changes required to the power supply.

Complete weld purging kit

Orbimatic GmbH has added the ORBIPURGE internal purging kit to their orbital welding equipment.

AMI announces new ISO certification

Arc Machines, Inc., a manufacturer of automatic orbital welding systems, has achieved its ISO 9001:2000 Certification after successfully completing a reaccreditation audit.

HEES invests in Orbital

Hygienic & Environmental Engineering Services has bought two further Orbimatic orbital welding systems.

Orbital welder to reduce costs

Delstron Systems (Burton, UK) have utilised orbital welding equipment from Orbimatic GMBH to help bring down the delivery time of their process systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.