Kamihirai Flood Gate: a stainless steel solution to global climate change

To help against the effects of climate change, NSSC has built the Kamihirai water flood gates out of stainless steel.

Ramani Steel House receives LoA from NSSC

RAMANI STEEL HOUSE announced that it has received the first export of Nickel Copper Alloy Plates in India made by NSSC.

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation: Delivering value-added products to customers and...

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation’s (NSSC’s) business strategy is to refine its advanced technology to deliver high value-added stainless steel products while also improving the quality and productivity of its generic grades.

Titanium/stainless composite a longlasting roofing solution

A composite panel of titanium, resin and stainless steel called ALPOLIC/fr TCM has been selected for the roof of the Yangtze River International Conference Center.

NSSC awarded gold and bronze awards for duplex projects

Nippon Steel and Sumikin Stainless Corp. have won the Gold and Bronze awards in the categories for Best New Technology and Best New Development at the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) held in Shanghai in May this year.

NSSMC, Baosteel plan 4th hot-dip galvanizing line

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) and Baoshan Iron & Steel (Baosteel) are planning to construct the fourth hot-dip galvanizing line at a site neighbouring the existing lines at Baosteel-NSC Automotive Steel Sheets (BNA).

Duplex Stainless Steel of NSSC chosen for shipbuil

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation’s NSSC®2120, a type of duplex stainless steel has been chosen for the construction of two domestic tankers by Sasaki Shipbuilding Co Ltd and Hakata Shipbuilding Co Ltd.

First polypropylene tanks installed at NSSC

Siemens Industry Inc has installed Japan's first polypropylene process tanks at Japanese Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation. Siemens designed and installed the polypropylene pickling tanks for the No.

NSSC to introduce rare metal recovery equipment

NSSC will introduce equipment at the Hikari Works to make possible the retrieval of rare metals, like chrome and nickel from ‘dust’ during the melting process and from ‘sludge’ and ‘scale’ during further processing.

NSSC’s stainless receives Nikkei’s excellence aw

NSSC’s Sn-added ferritic stainless steel grade NSSC FW 1 (Forward One), has received the Nikkei Business Daily Award for Excellence within the 2010 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards.