Tag: LDX 2101®

UK: fermentation tanks

Italy-based steel fabricator Cital has made a decisive move towards more economical liquid storage tanks.

Talleres Jois develops new silos

Talleres Jois has replaced an austenitic grade with Outokumpu’s duplex LDX 2101 in silos for atomized clay, achieving corrosion resistance.

LDX 2101® tank farm in Spain

Spain-based storage-tank fabricator Emypro SA has built the entire Relisa SA farm of Spain, consisting of 22 units, using exclusively Outokumpu’s duplex LDX 2101® plate.

Sandmeyer adds LDX 2101®

Sandmeyer Steel Co. has added LDX 2101® (UNS-S-32101, EN1.4162) to its extensive line of corrosion resistant stainless steel and nickel alloy plate and plate products.

LDX 2101® for road tankers

Three separate fabricators in Italy make road tankers for bitumen and other loads using Outokumpu’s duplex grade LDX 2101®.

Stainless corrosion handbook

Outokumpu Stainless has published the 9th edition of the Corrosion Handbook.