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Klöckner & Co reorganizes the Management Board

Klöckner & Co SE's Supervisory Board is reshuffling Management Board responsibilities for European operations.

Klöckner & Co offers product carbon footprints

Klöckner & Co regards the decarbonization of industry as a major opportunity for itself and its customers. Following the introduction of CO2 categorizations for...

Klöckner & Co acquires Hernandez and RSC

Klöckner & Co has acquired the two companies Hernandez Stainless GmbH (Hernandez) and RSC Rostfrei Coilcenter GmbH (RSC).

Klöckner & Co plans EDI connection

As part of its long-term growth strategy, Klöckner & Co aims to digitalize its entire supply chain. Klöckner has gained commitment from Europe’s second largest steel producer, Tata Steel, for a comprehensive EDI connection.

Klöckner buys majority stake in Frefer

As part of its Klöckner & Co 2020 strategy, Klöckner & Co has begun its planned entry into emerging markets by acquiring a 70% share of the Frefer Group, the third-largest independent steel and metal distributor in Brazil. This acquisition will allow the company to create its first foothold in the emerging markets of South America. The acquisition is taking place at a cost that is 6.5 times the projected average EBITDA over a five-year planning horizon.