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The dash for green electricity

The shift away from Russian gas presents challenges and opportunities. Coal and nuclear are reemerging, while green energy adoption accelerates.

LNG goes off the boil, but long-term prospects are good

Good news for suppliers of valve-related products as the long-term prospects for LNG is likely to remain high after demand rose sharply in early 2022.

Titanium – a key metal in times of geopolitical risk

Recent events, such as Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have challenged the global supply chain and raised geopolitical tensions.

Power generation: no magic bullet

In an ideal world, the energy scarcity triggered by the war in Ukraine would serve as a wake-up call to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Water and the circular economy

The violent contrasts between dry and wet weather of recent months have laid bare the urgent need to build, maintain and upgrade water management infrastructure.

Oil & gas: how to cope with higher demand?

The offshore oil & gas sector is faced with several hard choices: chief among these is how to meet higher demand without exceeding emission reduction targets and how to manage the transition to renewables.

Renewables: if not now, when?

In these times of pandemic, scarcity and war, energy and electricity prices have soared. Sanctions against Russia will oblige Europe to source its energy elsewhere, and this will take time.

Where is renewable energy heading?

At the end of last year, an event occurred that is probably more important for renewable energy than various recent technological advances

Featured Story – Materials revolution: alloy R&D gains a new lease...

Until quite recently, materials development was often thought to be a mature discipline.