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Iran oil deal

European majors, including Royal Dutch/Shell, may join a USD 2 billion Japan-led project to develop Iran’s Azadegan oilfield, a Japanese official has said.

Iran seals oil deal with Japan

Iran has sealed a deal with Japan for a controversial oilfield project, delayed by US allegations that Tehran is in pursuit of a nuclear weapons programme.

Japanese invest in Iran

Japan's National Oil Corp. is to invest in and provide a guarantee for a Japanese group's share in the development of the offshore Soroush and Nowrooz oilfields in Iran.

Natural gas field found in Indonesia

Government-affiliated oil exploration company INPEX Corp. has discovered a massive natural-gas field off Indonesia.

Iran: gas joint venture

Japan recently reached an agreement with Iran and Qatar that will allow a Japanese consortium a large share in the development of the 2 largest natural gas fields in the world.